Christian Writer: The More You Want Me Vaccinated, “The More Unwilling I Am” August 13, 2021

Christian Writer: The More You Want Me Vaccinated, “The More Unwilling I Am”

Conservative Christian blogger and activist Samuel Sey made headlines earlier this year when a group at a Christian university invited him to speak during Black History Month… only for him to give a speech denying the existence of systemic racism.

Which is to say: He’s a right-wing ideologue known more for throwing around terms like “woke” and “cancel culture” than saying anything actually thoughtful.

So it won’t surprise you to learn that Sey is now trying to justify his irresponsible refusal to get vaccinated. He doesn’t bother citing medical or scientific facts because there are none on his side. Instead, in an essay for the Christian Post, he jumps right to conspiracy theories.

Our governments have failed to convince many of us to get the COVID vaccine. So they’re now attempting to coerce us into getting it.

Vaccine passports are the latest form of authoritarian approaches by our governments in reaction to COVID-19. And yet, many people remain unconcerned by our governments’ oppressive reactions.

Yes, how absurd of the government to try and protect citizens from dying. The absolute nerve.

When our governments infringe on some of our rights without any significant or collective pressure for them to stop, we tempt them to violate all our rights and freedoms.

That is partly why I am not getting the vaccine. The more our governments and culture attempt to force me to get the vaccine, the more unwilling I am to get it. I want our politicians and public health officials to convince me to get the vaccine. I don’t want them to coerce me into getting it.

It’s really the worst defense imaginable, no different than a toddler saying he won’t eat his vegetables because his parents keep putting broccoli on his plate. It’s not an anti-government stance to avoid the vaccines. It’s pro-selfishness. Sey cares so little about the people around him that he’s willing to contract and spread a deadly virus just to own the libs.

Meanwhile, public health officials have offered plenty of valid reasons to get the vaccine, including defeating the virus and saving lives. Why are those not good enough?! Somehow, in his mind, a genuine plea to save ourselves and those we love from COVID amounts to unacceptable coercion.

The Olympics ended, buddy. There’s no need to go for the gold in mental gymnastics.

After all, if I violate my conscience concerning the vaccine because of social pressure, that will surely make me vulnerable to violating my conscience on other issues because of social pressure.

If getting the vaccine makes you more vulnerable to doing drugs, jumping off a bridge, rejecting Jesus, or whatever else you think exists on the other end of this slippery slope, maybe the vaccine isn’t your biggest problem here.

Nevertheless, rejecting coercion isn’t the only reason why I am not getting the vaccine. I am not convinced the vaccine is the most healthy option for me and most people. I am not suggesting I believe the vaccine is unhealthy for most people. I’m strictly suggesting I am unconvinced the vaccine is the healthiest option for the average person.

COVID-19 isn’t a threat to the overwhelming majority of people. Essentially 99% of people are unlikely to die from the virus. Why then should it be necessary for 100% of people to get the vaccine? Especially when vaccinated people are not completely protected from getting the virus and infecting others with it.

Finally, some numbers! Too bad they make no sense. While most people who have caught COVID haven’t died from it, the continued existence of the virus, and its ability to mutate and become deadlier, is a crisis for all of us. And that’s not even getting into the 616,000+ Americans who have died so far!

I will never understand how the same people who declare themselves “pro-life” have such callous disregard for Americans who have died in part due to their own negligence.

And in addition to all those who have died, there are countless relatives and friends who are dealing with those losses as well as survivors who may struggle with the long-term effects of COVID for decades to come.

A doctor advised one of my relatives not to get the vaccine. The doctor said since my relative isn’t one of the people vulnerable to being harmed by the virus — and since my relative maintains a healthy lifestyle — they shouldn’t consider the vaccine.

That doctor’s licensed should be revoked. (It’s telling that no name or credentials are offered. It’s just “a doctor.”) Plenty of medical professionals — and COVID victims themselves — have pointed out that having a “healthy lifestyle” doesn’t make you immune to the virus. Sey would rather hand-pick the small minority who share his (misguided) opinion to bolster his stance, but it doesn’t make his case any stronger. It just makes him look more foolish.

Shame on the Christian Post for enabling this deadly ignorance.

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