For $1,000, Jim Bakker Will Send You a “Miracle” Blanket to Help Pay Your Bills August 12, 2021

For $1,000, Jim Bakker Will Send You a “Miracle” Blanket to Help Pay Your Bills

Televangelist Jim Bakker, who’s selling “credentialed missionaries” cards to people who purchase a series of books from his website for $215 and a magical mug and a blanket for the low, low price of $500, has a new grift.

For a mere $1,000, Bakker says he’ll send you books, a CD, a DVD, and a miracle blanket that, according to his guest, “healing minister” Joan Hunter, will help you pay your bills.

BAKKER: I’m just gonna reiterate that I want you, when you order this $1,000 — to do it in faith, to sow that $1,000 seed in faith, believing that this is part of your seed into the Kingdom of God, you’re doing something for the Kingdom of God…

We’re sending out… “Miracles Happen” blanket… Sleep under it, or do whatever you want to do with it. Hang it on the wall!…

HUNTER: Lay it over your bills… ’cause healing of your finances. Put your wallet in there, your credit cards, all the bills, you know… the mortgage, put it on there. We’re having houses paid off this week — last month and this month — and I’m like, “Hallelujah!”

Hunter didn’t specify whose houses were paid off and how the blanket had anything to do with it. Bakker and his co-hosts, as expected, did nothing to question her lies because they’re trying to make a quick buck from their gullible Christian audience.

Last year, Bakker got in huge trouble for selling a product with claims that couldn’t be justified. This is no different. Instead of urging people who have $1,000 bucks lying around and bills to pay to put two and two together, Bakker is trying to inject himself as an unnecessary middle-man.

This blanket won’t help you. You’d be better off burning some of those hundred-dollar bills and saving the rest. But being honest has never been Bakker’s strong suit. He’ll take whatever money he can from people ignorant enough to watch his show non-ironically.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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