TN Parents Whine After School Denies Son’s “Religious Exemption” to Mask Mandate August 11, 2021

TN Parents Whine After School Denies Son’s “Religious Exemption” to Mask Mandate

In Nashville, Tennessee, when Valor Collegiate Academy (a network of public charter schools) opened the doors for the first day of school on Monday, they purposely shut them for the child of Neil and Melissa Amrhein.

That’s because he tried to come in without a mask.

The school said masks were mandatory, in line with the Metro Nashville Board of Education’s CDC-based guidelines. When the irresponsible parents tried to complain about it, school officials correctly stood by their decision, saying their focus was on “the safety of our community.” Makes total sense.

So what excuse are the Amrheins using to override safety concerns?


Neil says in years past, the school made exceptions for students who wore certain attire in line with their religious beliefs. He says this should be no different. He and his wife feel their children should not have to wear something they believe would restrict them in any way.

“Our God is not Fauci, it’s Jesus and we should have the rights to be defended and supported in the same way,” Neil said.

These damn fools think a face mask is the equivalent of a hijab or yarmulke — even though someone wearing the latter doesn’t run the risk of infecting people with a deadly disease.

These people don’t care about their religion; they’re using their religion to literally hurt as many people as possible, then whining when the school says everyone’s health takes precedence over one family’s deathwish.

There’s no medical reason he can’t wear a mask. There’s no reason to think the mask will “restrict” their son in any meaningful way. Kids, far more than adults, have adjusted to wearing them just fine. It’s whiny adults who continue to complain.

Too bad for their kid. But everyone else shouldn’t suffer just because Christians like these are too selfish to consider everyone else’s health.

(Thanks to @FaithfulAthei5t for the link)

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