Podcast Ep. 386: Kent Hovind Was Arrested August 7, 2021

Podcast Ep. 386: Kent Hovind Was Arrested

In our latest podcast, I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

I talked about:

— Come to our in-person meetup in Chicago this August!

— An Oregon official who’s gay was threatened by a Christian with a rock. (0:45)

— Donors are suing the ministry of the late Christian apologist and predator Ravi Zacharias for deceiving them. (5:50)

— This Catholic priest is furious that kids sang “Imagine” at the Olympics opening ceremonies. (14:09)

— Louisiana’s attorney general wrote a letter to help Christians, and only Christians, get mask exemptions. (20:19)

— Creationist Kent Hovind was arrested for domestic violence. (34:45)

— This is a bad reason to not ban child marriage. (47:48)

— For women growing up in Purity Culture, even married sex isn’t fun. (56:23) 

Sarah Palin might run for Senate if God wants her to. (1:05:23)

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