Pastor Tony Spell: “We Refuse to Comply” With Any Mask or Vaccine Mandates August 4, 2021

Pastor Tony Spell: “We Refuse to Comply” With Any Mask or Vaccine Mandates

Pastor Tony Spell, the head of Louisiana’s Life Tabernacle Church who spent the pandemic holding in-person church gatherings and putting countless people in harm’s way, said in a YouTube video last week that he won’t abide by future mandates either.

Which is what you’d expect from a guy who runs a death cult.

We have not complied in 18 months, nor will we comply with the next round of shutdowns. Mask mandates. Vaccine mandates… We are not the ones who are troubling our cities. It’s the devil troubling us. It’s a wicked perverse government troubling us. Because we refuse to mask, and we refuse to vax, or we refuse to quit going to church, or we refuse to quit shaking hands and baptizing over a thousand people. Well, we’re the ones troubling the cities, but we say that you are the liars and the godless demonic leaders and politicians and government authorities. You are the ones that are troubling us. We refuse to comply with you.

No one was expecting Tony Spell to put the well-being of others over his own ego. But it’s still telling that 600,000+ deaths aren’t enough to get him to do the bare minimum to care for his own congregation — like moving services online temporarily or wearing masks in his church.

And rather than taking any responsibility for the damage he’s caused, Spell, like so many other conservative Christian zealots, is blaming the sensible people instead. As if the people getting vaccinated are somehow oppressing his right to infect everyone during a pandemic.

Remember that Spell is the same huckster who told his congregation to send him their stimulus checks last year. He said 205 people sent him at least a portion of those checks. No doubt he’ll do anything to keep the money flowing, no matter how many people get infected.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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