Christian Pastor: If Something Crashed in Roswell, “It’s of Demonic Origin” August 4, 2021

Christian Pastor: If Something Crashed in Roswell, “It’s of Demonic Origin”

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California has the same opinion about aliens as he has about transgender people: He doesn’t believe they exist, but if they do, there’s something “demonic” involved.

He made the alien comment during his sermon on Sunday:

I told you guys before. Some of you laugh. It’s okay. Go ahead and laugh.

I don’t believe in aliens. I don’t believe in little green men flying around. I don’t believe in spaceships. I believe — listen — I believe in all of the stuff that’s gone on regarding aliens — “But don’t you believe that something crashed in Roswell?” I’ve never seen it, but let’s say it did. If something crashed in Roswell, it’s of demonic origin. “But we saw this thing in the sky!” or… “This thing appeared and it looked just like the thing on the X-Files show, with the weird eyeballs and…”


I don’t believe in visitors from other planets. I believe in visitors from Hell. They’re called demons. Jesus spoke about them. And they’re fallen angels. Jesus spoke about them.

Leave it to a preacher to deny the existence of beings we’ve never encountered while insisting they must be these other beings we’ve never encountered. I don’t think it makes sense to believe in aliens either — certainly not the Hollywood portrayal of them as little green men with large eyes — but I also don’t believe in aliens by another name. Hibbs entire career is devoted to convincing people the imaginary is real, but with no evidence whatsoever, he has no problem dismissing an entire class of imaginary beings.

Keep going, Jack. You almost figured it out.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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