GOP Senate Candidate Pushes for a Self-Serving “Judeo-Christian Revolution” July 31, 2021

GOP Senate Candidate Pushes for a Self-Serving “Judeo-Christian Revolution”

Josh Mandel is the former Ohio lawmaker and State Treasurer who’s now running for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate from Ohio on a platform of just plain being a MAGA cultist. Earlier this month, he took a torch to the Constitution and tweeted, “The Bible and the Constitution are not supposed to be separate.”

And now, in an interview with fellow cultist Jenna Ellis, Mandel says the problem with our country is that it’s not Judeo-Christian enough:

Ellis asked Mandel what he meant when he said he wants a “Judeo-Christian revolution”:

… I mean taking it back to the founding of this country. This incredible country. The United States of America. It was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Not on radical Muslim values. Not on atheism. But on Judeo-Christian values. And there’s so many differentiating factors… that differentiate that Judeo-Christian ethic from other belief sets, but one of the main differentiators is the acknowledgement of good versus evil, and our willingness to fight for good over evil.

And right now, Jenna, there is a lot of evil ongoing in the world, but also in this country, where the secular left is trying to take God out of everything. And my feeling is instead of watering down on our Judeo-Christian values, we should be doubling down on our Judeo-Christian values. We should be instilling God in the classroom, instilling God in the workplace, and in all aspects of society.

The Founding Fathers, many of whom were Deists and none of whom shared the kind of theocratic views held by Mandel, would be the first to argue we shouldn’t be a “Christian nation” at all. Mandel would know that if he knew any American history. He doesn’t.

It’s also telling how he thinks he’s fighting a battle of good vs. evil when he’s on the side of evil. He wants to fix a nation that’s been broken in large part by conservative Christians in power. And he doesn’t want to fix anything that’s actually broken. He only wants to make things worse. That’s why his policy goals include forcing women to give birth against their will, forcing his religion on young Jews and atheists and Muslims, ignoring the science behind a virus that’s killed literally hundreds of thousands of Americans, etc.

This is a guy who injects Christianity in every sentence because he thinks it’ll win him a Senate seat. And who knows, it very well might. It wouldn’t lead to anyone’s lives becoming better, though. He wants to become a senator to exact revenge on non-Christians, who would suffer immensely if he had power. The fact that many conservative Christians support him tells you a lot about their own moral bankruptcy.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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