Lying Christian: A Music Professor Said “Sheet Music” is Banned for Being Racist July 24, 2021

Lying Christian: A Music Professor Said “Sheet Music” is Banned for Being Racist

Christian apologist Alex McFarland, who has no idea why Millennials are abandoning faith and claimed last year that progressives hate the Constitution because they are working for Satan, is just making up new lies about how Christians are being persecuted.

He was trying to tell fellow right-wing Christian apologist Andrew Wommack about the awfulness of “Critical Race Theory” — or at least whatever bizarre caricature he thinks that is — and claimed it was getting in the way of teaching music.

… I had breakfast about three months ago with the head of a music department at a major east coast university. And I want to protect this individual, but if I told you the name of it, everybody listening would know the name — this is a major state-supported school.

The head of the music department is a born-again Christian. August of last year, when they had faculty orientation, the music department was told you can’t use the word “sheet music.” You know the score with the music? And we’ve always said, “Okay, we’re going to perform this, everybody. Get your sheet music.” Don’t say “sheet music”! Because you know who wears sheets? KKK. White supremacists.

So students feel threatened if you say “sheet music”…

One other thing in this particular music department of this state-supported school: This earned-Ph.D. from Missouri State… they were told “Don’t tell your violinists they have to tune their instruments. And we have a tuning fork — A440 cycles per second? That’s European. That’s male patriarchy.”

None of that is true. MacFarland is a Christian liar.

There was, in fact, a story that has some of the same beats (ha) as this one, but MacFarland is exaggerating it beyond comprehension. The story he’s basing his lies on might be the one in which a major university was considering revamping its music program because a lot of the music students were told to study or play were written by composers who were white, male, and European. Their works are no doubt classics, but by focusing only on those pieces, students were missing out on all the other wonderful music from other cultures that would also be important teaching tools.

The discussion involved broadening the curriculum, not shunning music by Mozart (or whomever). And there was never any attempt to eradicate “sheet music” just because white supremacists once used a different kind of sheet. Critical Race Theory has nothing to do with the tuning of instruments, either.

MacFarland is just making things up. It’s too bad he’s speaking to Christians who are too ignorant to even ask him for any evidence of his claims.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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