Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Drug Company Whose Products Help Trans People July 24, 2021

Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Drug Company Whose Products Help Trans People

Monica Cole, the one mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,145), has done the impossible: She made me sympathize with a pharmaceutical company.

The Christian Right group known for constantly complaining about neutral or positive references to LGBTQ people are now targeting the company Eli Lilly for a new ad campaign all about how they make medicine “for everyone” — including, based on a single line, transgender people.

… Medicine will not discriminate against the color of your skin.

Medicine pays no attention to the borders we draw to divide ourselves from each other.

Because the body you are randomly assigned at birth shouldn’t determine how well you are cared for.

Cole can’t handle that and claims that line in that ad is the company’s attempt to “push transgenderism”:

This voice-over is heard while showing a woman with double mastectomy scars wearing an open robe and identifying as a man.

Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a child when he or she sees this ad?

Lilly chose to air this commercial knowing it would be controversial. We all know children imitate what they see and repeat what they hear. Lilly should be ashamed!

If your kids magically become transgender — or have any opinion at all about a fairly bland drug commercial — let’s hear it. Because I promise you mind wouldn’t have sat through the ad, or picked up on the reference, or cared about it even if they did because they’re not bigoted evangelicals whose primary goal in life is to make LGBTQ people miserable.

Cole is also dumb enough to launch a petition that says the following:

I won’t be buying your products either. I’m taking Lilly off my shopping list since I will be purchasing from your competitors instead.

This isn’t a goddamn cereal. Who is shopping around for insulin medication or Prozac?

The American Family Association, which controls One Million Moms, has no clue what the company does or why the ad is going to hurt kids. They just insist this is bad… for some reason… that they can’t explain… but it is.

This is what happens when the product you’re selling is faith-based hate and it’s a slow week.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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