Rick Wiles: We Must Destroy “Sissified Lefties” & Biden’s “Communist Revolution” July 21, 2021

Rick Wiles: We Must Destroy “Sissified Lefties” & Biden’s “Communist Revolution”

Always hungry for violence (despite worshiping a man who taught followers to “turn the other cheek”), right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles said on Friday that he’s preparing for a full-on civil war to combat Joe Biden‘s alleged Communism.

This accusation will come as a shock to literally anyone who knows anything about Joe Biden, Democrats in general, or Communism.

“Let’s stop being nice about these people,” Wiles said. “These are not good people. They’re not good people. They’re evil, and they’re wicked, and they want us dead.

“Let’s meet at Gettysburg [and] get this over with,” he added. “That bunch of sissified lefties would never come out and meet real men. Never. They’re cowards. They’re a bunch of cowards that never would come out and face real men. They’ll never do it. They’re nothing but stinking cowards. I’m fed up with putting up with their crap.”

“I’m a free man. I live in a free country,” Wiles continued. “We ought to be ashamed that we’re allowing these cowards to take our country. We don’t want to be inconvenienced with putting down a communist revolution. It’s here, and if the people don’t do something very, very soon, you’re going to end up in a concentration camp, and after that, you’re going to end up in a grave.

Liberals aren’t calling for anyone’s death. After all, we’re talking about people who tend to oppose the death penalty and promote vegetarianism. It’s an especially ironic criticism given that conservatives are currently attacking the Biden administration for trying to save their lives through vaccinations. If the people who share Wiles’ vile opinions survived the Obama era without being forced into concentration camps, they will survive Biden’s term(s) just fine.

But when pretending to be persecuted is a core part of your religion, baseless fear-mongering becomes a daily routine.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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