Conspiracist: God Doesn’t Want to Give Away His “Strategy” About Trump’s Return July 21, 2021

Conspiracist: God Doesn’t Want to Give Away His “Strategy” About Trump’s Return

When you know you’re wrong about something, the mature thing to do is own up to it by admitting “I was wrong.” Christian humility arguably requires it.

But conspiracy theorist and self-described “prophet” Johnny Enlow isn’t aware of that aspect of his own theology. Still insisting that Donald Trump will be put back in office, but aware that other MAGA cultists have put dates on their own similar prophecies only to be humiliated after those dates came and went, Enlow said God is no longer telling anyone when Trump will return to power.

Why? Because it’ll spoil the plan:

[Donald Trump] still has unfinished business… He still has the Isaiah 45 assignment… which for our purposes represents the Deep State…

The time table is driven by God… There’s a whole lot of things that the Lord is not revealing. It’s not just because there are bad prophets. You can’t say things you don’t see. The more you understand what’s going on, it would literally mess up strategy of how the Lord is doing it.

If he’s using certain individuals in the world, and certain leadership, and certain militaries to do things, and we’re telling all the secrets…even witches and warlocks… [and] Deep Staters are saying they’re not hearing anything… they are told to listen in on the prophetics, from the prophetic channels… to hear what’s going on. So the Lord’s not gonna give them anything that helps them know what to do, how to fight

It’s funny how many Christians in Enlow’s camp will accuse progressives and liberals of re-interpreting Scripture to suit their own agenda. And yet this is one of the most creative interpretations of Isaiah. That chapter tells us how God chose a man named Cyrus to tell the world that God was in control, yet every day, we learn more about how so many people in Trump’s orbit are criminals, traitors, incompetent, or worse. Not exactly Cyrus-like. You don’t need a seminary degree to realize that.

It’s also incredibly convenient that Enlow has a new excuse for why prophetic predictions about Trump keep failing. Thankfully, while these guys continue lying about the future, Democrats in the Biden administration are racing to get as much done as they can, at least within their control. That’s not because Trump will return, but because we learned from the past few years that there’s so much to lose by not acting quickly.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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