Right-Wing Radio Host: My Husband and I Have COVID, but I Won’t Endorse Vaccines July 20, 2021

Right-Wing Radio Host: My Husband and I Have COVID, but I Won’t Endorse Vaccines

The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios has never been known for saying sensible things. Years ago, when Target allowed trans people to use the proper bathrooms at their stores, Rios claimed this would eventually mean “we will not be able to go to the bathroom anywhere.” She said the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling was a “fist of defiance” in God’s face.

It won’t surprise you to learn she’s been a COVID denier as well, spreading misinformation about the virus to her tens of listeners.

But recently, her husband got COVID. And she got COVID. Surely that would’ve changed her mind on how seriously to take the virus, right?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no.

I do want to tell you that, a week ago today, I… took [my husband] to the emergency room at the hospital… I was worried sick. He was not breathing. He was in really difficult circumstances… We found out that he had COVID pneumonia… He was fighting for his life… Of the people who get COVID pneumonia, he was at the top 5% in danger.

So you can imagine what this week… was like… [Saturday] I was able to bring Bruce home. So he’s home on oxygen… And yes, if you want to know if I had COVID, yes, I tested positive as well. I guess that’s why I’ve been sick so many weeks…

… Thank you, Jesus. That’s all I can say. Thank you, Jesus. You might say, “Well, does this change you mind about vaccines?”… I have to just be honest with you at all times… I’m not ready to declare anything yet.

Her husband got COVID. He was on the verge of dying.

She got COVID. She was sick for many weeks.

So… vaccines are useful, right? SHE CAN’T SAY! IT’S TOO EARLY!

I can’t tell if that’s the result of political stubbornness, religious delusion, a fear of admitting her stupidity, or all of the above. But if Rios gave a shit about any of her listeners, you would think she wouldn’t want them to go through what she and her husband have been dealing with. And yet she refuses to endorse the one thing that has been shown to prevent that very suffering.

It’s just utterly irresponsible and exactly the sort of moral cowardice we’ve come to expect from the American Family Association.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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