Theologian: You “Can’t Improve” the Bible. Internet: OH YES WE CAN! July 19, 2021

Theologian: You “Can’t Improve” the Bible. Internet: OH YES WE CAN!

Here’s what happens when you live in a fundamentalist Christian bubble: You’re utterly unable to look at your own religion with even an inkling of common sense. You defend it at all costs, ignoring legitimate criticisms, because anything less would be heresy.

And then you tweet crazy shit like this.

Just so you know:

There is not a single edit you could make to Scripture to improve it.

Anything you would do to amend so much as a biblical comma would drastically demote it.

You can’t improve the Word of God. You’d only ruin perfection.

Keep your edits on the shelf.

That’s Owen Strachan, the director of the Center for Public Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, claiming that there’s literally no way to improve upon the Bible. Even though there are multiple translations of it and even though there’s no shortage of errors in every single one of them.

Don’t worry, though! People on Twitter — including other Christians — were happy to tell Strachan about the simple changes they would make to the Bible in order to turn it into a somewhat more decent book. Or at least point out the problem with his logic.

Turns out the entire internet knows more about the Bible’s history than this theologian. MBTS must produce some useless graduates if Strachan is one of the men in charge of educating them.

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