Lying Pastor: There’s “No Way” Those with Strong Immune Systems Can Spread COVID July 17, 2021

Lying Pastor: There’s “No Way” Those with Strong Immune Systems Can Spread COVID

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne has spent the majority of the past year trying to spread COVID to as many people as possible. He held in-person church services as the pandemic was breaking, continued gathering in-person over the summer without social distancing or any kind of mask requirement, and said back in August that anyone who took a potential vaccine would “be dead within a couple of years.”

In November, just as vaccines were becoming available to the masses, the head of The River church in Tampa, Florida claimed, falsely, that the vaccine “actually changes your DNA… to remove the God Factor out of people.”

It was reason number eleventy million why you shouldn’t listen to non-experts for advice about the virus.

Now Howard-Browne is doing it again, insisting that anyone with a healthy immune system doesn’t need the vaccine because it’s impossible for them to spread a deadly virus. (Spoiler alert: They can spread it. They do spread it. They need their shots.)

… You vaccinate yourself, shoot up all you want to. Listen, people are smoking weed and sniffing — snorting cocaine. Do whatever.

But just because you do it doesn’t mean… you have to force anybody else to do it. There is no way that an unvaccinated person who has a healthy immune system is gonna be spreading any virus. It doesn’t work that way. That’s not how it spreads. It spreads from people that are infected and that are sickly.

Not true. Not even close to true. We know the virus can spread via asymptomatic, “healthy” people; even if they manage to survive, the same can’t be said of the people they infect. That’s the main reason opening public schools was such a concern last year even though younger people were far less likely to die from COVID — they could still catch and spread the virus to older teachers who, at the time, weren’t vaccinated.

But if you want to talk about how it “doesn’t work that way,” let’s talk about comparing a life-saving vaccine to “snorting” cocaine (which is objectively harmful) or smoking weed (which isn’t). That absurd comparison should convince any person with an ounce of intelligence that this man is not worth listening to on matters regarding life or death.

No wonder Florida is struggling so badly with COVID right now.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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