Driver Who Let Jesus Take the Wheel Before Crashing Wanted to “Test Her Faith” July 17, 2021

Driver Who Let Jesus Take the Wheel Before Crashing Wanted to “Test Her Faith”

How many times do we have to tell everyone: Letting Jesus take the wheel is never good life advice.

According to a now-public police report, a 31-year-old woman from Beachwood, Ohio was arrested on June 15 after she drove through a red light at over 100 mph — with her 11-year-old daughter in the car — because she wanted to “test her faith with God.”

In the process, she hit two vehicles, a telephone pole, and a freaking house.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

At the hospital, officers did not detect any sign of impairment from drugs or alcohol.

The woman told police that she intentionally drove at that high rate of speed and through the red light to “test her faith with God,” according to the report.

She told police she’s been going through some “trials and tribulations” and was recently fired from her job.

The woman said she “let go and let God take the wheel,” according to the police report.

She also told the cops she didn’t regret that decision, saying she “did the right thing.”

She now faces charges for “felony assault, endangering a child, and driving under suspension.” For the sake of her daughter, she either needs to get help or give us custody. If you watch the video, it’s clear that the outcome could’ve been very different had there been a split-second delay before hitting the first car.

The truly disturbing thing about this story is that it’s not new. This excuse of literally letting God take the wheel has been offered so many times in the past.

Jesus can’t drive. If you disagree, you shouldn’t have a license. Too many lives are at risk.

(via Boing Boing. Featured image via Shutterstock)

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