An Anti-Abortion Activist is Raising $500,000 to Film a Cringeworthy Sitcom July 17, 2021

An Anti-Abortion Activist is Raising $500,000 to Film a Cringeworthy Sitcom

Last October, I posted about how anti-abortion activist Janet Porter, president of the conservative group Faith2Action, had released a trailer for a self-produced sitcom she wrote called What’s a Girl To Do? (based on her book of the same name).

You can read the whole history of how that happened here, but the end result was that a conservative activist with no acting chops or sense of humor who spends her time trying to force women to give birth against their will decided to make a family sitcom on her own dime.

She had previously tried to make a movie in which her character falls in love with the son of a pro-choice lawmaker, but the project failed when she could only raise half of the $4 million she apparently needed. So she used some of that cash to finance the trailer for the sitcom.

And the trailer was bad. Really, really bad. Imagine your relatives trying to be funny during an awkward family reunion and you got the entire vibe of this show.

At the time, Porter said that she had already written 13 episodes and needed money to complete the season.

That was the last we really heard about it… until now. Because Porter recently started a $500,000 fundraiser to make this crappy sitcom a reality:

(That trailer is from May of 2019, which means she’s been sitting on this thing for a while.)

The fundraiser describes the project this way:

While most non-Christians aren’t drawn to sermons, everyone wants to laugh. The sitcom “What’s a Girl to Do?” will make people laugh while putting God and His truths in a positive light — finally.

There are lots of good Christian movies, but there are NO Christian sitcoms from which to choose. Let’s change that. Instead of entertainment with the indoctrination of a godless worldview, let’s create a quality sitcom that honors God and advances His Kingdom…while having fun.

There are no conservative Christian sitcoms for the same reason there are no good Christian movies: Their awful agenda drives everything — not creativity, not nuance, and definitely not the storyline. You’re not going to find compelling humor when your writing room consists of people whose goal in life is to make others miserable.

Who knows if the sitcom will happen. As of this writing, Porter has raised a grand total of $2,340 of her $500,000 goal. She said in another video posted to Rumble yesterday that “we do have networks that are interested”… which is extremely vague. There’s a difference between interest from Netflix and Ken Ham saying he might consider it for his Creationism streaming platform.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: The real irony is that people like Porter constantly decry Hollywood, but they’re so desperate to be a part of the club. The only upside is that Porter is spending time and money producing this garbage instead of pushing anti-abortion legislation. I’d much rather see her throw money away on a personal fantasy than punishing women. (Though, in sense, this sitcom does plenty of the latter.)

This is what happens when you live in a bubble surrounded by people who don’t have the heart to tell you that you lack talent.

(via Right Wing Watch. Portions of this article were publisher earlier)

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