Evangelist: Let’s Pray to “Neutralize” the COVID Vaccine July 16, 2021

Evangelist: Let’s Pray to “Neutralize” the COVID Vaccine

Self-described “prophet” Robin Bullock, last seen claiming Joe Biden‘s whispers were the “voice of a demonic spirit,” now claims God will “neutralize” the effects of the COVID vaccine for any Christian who repents.

Which implies, falsely, that vaccines are problematic.

There are some who took that vaccine, and… you are very concerned about whether you will live or whether you will die. As time takes its toll, the Lord says, “Reach out to me today and I will neutralize its effects inside your bloodstream today.”

Reach out now, and call on His name, for neutralization is being given.

The vaccines are not leaving effects in everyone’s bodies that need to be neutralizes. If anything, the vaccines are the neutralizers because they’re canceling out the damage that could be caused by the virus. Defeating the vaccine amounts to siding with COVID.

Plus, it could easily be argued that God gave Christians the vaccine to protect them against a deadly virus, which means Bullock would be fighting God by trying to nullify His gift. (Can you picture God rolling His eyes and saying, “You idiots asked me for healing, and I gave you this vaccine, so what are you doing?!”)

For someone who presumably thinks of himself as “pro-life,” Bullock is siding with a disease that’s taken millions of lives worldwide so far. Variants continue to wreak havoc especially among unvaccinated communities. That’s not a coincidence or a conspiracy; that’s science. We need more people vaccinated, not more people treating the shots as a demonic force.

Don’t listen to a guy whose every prophecy fails to come true.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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