Eric Metaxas: If Christians Ran the Country, We’d “Make It Safe” for Others July 13, 2021

Eric Metaxas: If Christians Ran the Country, We’d “Make It Safe” for Others

We don’t live in a theocracy right now, and yet it’s abundantly clear that conservative Christian lawmakers have used their power to hurt as many of their enemies as possible. If you live in a red state, you’ve seen battles involving abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, forced prayer in school and government, voting restrictions that benefit right-wing candidates, etc.

But Eric Metaxas, the racist, Trump-loving, anti-vaccine sucker-punching Christian Nationalist, wants you to know that everything would be much better if Christians had all the power… even for people who aren’t Christian.

He made the comments at the recent Faith & Freedom Coalition conference:

This nation was founded by Christian people, and the reason we are essentially a Christian Nation is because, as True Christians™, we believe we don’t want a theocracy. We want freedom. We want any atheist, every Jew, every Muslim, anybody to be welcome here, because that is at the heart of the Christian faith. We cannot force our faith on anyone. That is idiotic.

Many have done it in the past. There are many radical Muslims trying to force their faith on people right now. There are many radical atheists in nations like China and North Korea trying to force their faith on people.

A True Christians™ says, “Faith is free.” Belief in Jesus can never be coerced. It is a gift from God. So if… if maniacal Christians took control of this country, they would make it safe for everybody else to be a part of this country. So do not fear theocracy, folks. That is a chimera. That is nonsense. A mirage.

He was wrong with the first line in that clip. We weren’t founded by “Christians.” A handful were Christian by name, but many others were Deists.

But to the point, you would have to be Metaxas-level ignorant to think everyone else would be safe in the hands of a government run by conservative Christians. We’re not safe now, and those same Christians want to make everything worse. Who would be so stupid as to trust people who have given the world countless examples of why they cannot be trusted?

Metaxas said all this, of course, to a crowd that longs for more power despite having more of it than any other religious group. Look what they did during the pandemic. Look how they’ve handled sexual abuse and racism and civil rights. Look at how trashy so many of their churches are, week in and week out. And remember that we have the power to prevent Metaxas and his deranged allies from doing even more damage to the country we share.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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