A GOP Conspiracy Theorist Running for Senate is Now a Target of Conspiracists July 13, 2021

A GOP Conspiracy Theorist Running for Senate is Now a Target of Conspiracists

In a normal election, Republicans in Oklahoma would have no problem with the re-election bid of Sen. James Lankford. He’s a reliable right-wing lawmaker who should skate to victory in 2022. But after initially challenging the election results and grandstanding about non-existent fraud, the Insurrection occurred… and Lankford decided to let it go. He withdrew his objections. The following week, he even issued a formal apology to Black voters for promoting Donald Trump‘s election lies.

That means a lot of Republicans see him as the enemy. And that’s why Lankford is being challenged from the right — as if there were any space to Lankford’s right — by Jackson Lahmeyer, a man who’s all too cozy with QAnon supporters and other conspiracy theorists.

But last week, Lahmayer posted a picture of his daughter on Instagram near one of his campaign signs.

She was wearing red shoes.

QAnon conspiracists think red shoes are tied to the “occult” and “Satanic ritualistic abuse and the trafficking of children.”

Therefore, by the logic of delusional people, Lahmeyer must be the enemy.

In a Facebook post, Lahmeyer can’t believe he’s being criticized for things that have no basis in evidence.

… I’ve been in ministry for years. Never any accusations whatsoever. Now all of a sudden I’m being accused of everything under the sun by one particular woman and some people don’t have enough discernment to determine right from wrong.

Unfortunately, I have to say it because people are asking me. I’m in no way involved in Child Sex Trafficking, pedophilia or devil worship. If you believe that it actually says more about you than it does me.

Someone call the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

Lahmeyer had no problem ignoring the logical leaps of QAnon theorists, whose baseless theories have harmed innocent people, until those ideas came around to harm him personally. How glorious it would be if this was the reason his own campaign went bust.

(via Right Wing Watch. Featured screenshot via YouTube)

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