Preacher: This is America’s 245th Year, So God Wants Two Terms for Trump (#45) July 12, 2021

Preacher: This is America’s 245th Year, So God Wants Two Terms for Trump (#45)

During a recent sermon, Nebraska preacher and false prophet Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries explained to his audience that Donald Trump was called by God to remain in power. And there was proof!

You see, it’s 2021… which is the “245th year of America’s reign”… so 245… two… 45… TWO TERMS FOR PRESIDENT NUMBER 45!

Psalm 72:14 declares that God is the God that redeems us from oppression, fraud, and violence. This will begin to take place.

The other thing that God has been specifically speaking: This is the 245th year of America’s reign. And I believe that represents two more terms for 45. Or two terms for 45.

As Right Wing Watch fairly notes, what happens in 2022, the 246th year of “America’s reign”? Does it mean two terms for Joe Biden?

It’s about as bizarre a statement as when Pastor Johnny Enlow claimed that the score of the college football championship — 52-24, with Alabama beating Ohio State — was also a sign that God wanted Trump in power for two terms because, if you reversed those numbers, you got 24 and 52… so 45 was in the middle with TWO surrounding it.

These people are delusional. There’s no nice way to say that. And unfortunately, they have plenty of followers to keep them spewing this nonsense.

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