GOP Rep. Falsely Claims Biden’s Vaccine Plan is Plot to Steal Bibles and Guns July 10, 2021

GOP Rep. Falsely Claims Biden’s Vaccine Plan is Plot to Steal Bibles and Guns

During the right-wing CPAC conference yesterday in Texas, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn claimed that President Joe Biden‘s vaccination efforts were part of a plot to eventually steal people’s guns and Bible.

… And now, he’s trying to talk about going door to door to be able to take vaccines to the people. The thing about the mechanisms they would have to build to be able to actually execute that massive of a thing — and then think about what those mechanisms could be used for — they can then go door to door to take your guns. They can then go door to door to take your bibles.

What “mechanisms” is he talking about? The government already knows where you live. That’s how they conduct the Census! That’s how mail works!

But it’s all just misinformation from Republicans who are either too stupid to understand what’s going on or evil enough to discourage people from getting vaccinated. In reality, this effort does not involve a government official knocking on your door and forcing you to get a shot. The locally led efforts would involve volunteers and clergy members — “trusted voices in communities,” to quote White House press secretary Jen Psaki — would would be helping vaccinate those who want it without making them set up an appointment or drive to another location.

The goal is to help people who want the shot, not force it on those who don’t.

But Cawthorn, a Christian liar, is using the right-wing misinformation campaign to pretend liberals are trying to steal everyone’s guns and bibles. (As if that would work. As if liberals want guns and bibles. As if that would effectively stop gun nuts or Christian Nationalists.)

Does Cawthorn know that the text of the Bible exists online? That Christianity would still exist even if their personal bibles disappeared? That not all guns are stored in people’s homes? That barging into people’s houses and taking their stuff is a crime? That no Democrats at all — even the most liberal ones — are calling for those things?

I’m sure he does… he just doesn’t care. And the conservatives at CPAC are too cowardly to call him out on it.

By the way, Cawthorn is also a sexual predator, according to his college classmates and Christians who knew him growing up. If you want to defeat him next year, channel your outrage and make a donation to his likely opponent.

(Featured screenshot via YouTube)

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