AL Pastor Running for Governor Trashes Kay Ivey for Ignoring Hydroxychloroquine July 5, 2021

AL Pastor Running for Governor Trashes Kay Ivey for Ignoring Hydroxychloroquine

If you’re a Republican trying to unseat a Republican governor in the South, the only way to win over the Trumpist base is by being even more extreme than the person currently in power. That extreme is undoubtedly worse when we’re talking about Alabama.

So in his effort to unseat Gov. Kay Ivey in her reelection bid, one pastor has decided his campaign strategy will be to attack her for not doing enough to handle COVID.

That’s not a bad argument. Ivey reopened places for public gatherings in May of 2020. Her irrational belief that churches were “essential” in the same way that grocery stores are no doubt led to more unnecessary deaths. Even today, she’s thinking about using COVID relief funds from the federal government to build new prisons. There’s so much to criticize!

But that’s not the argument Pastor Dean Odle is making. The leader of Fire & Grace Church says Ivey should’ve done more to promote hydroxychloroquine, the Trump-supported solution that has no actual scientific backing.

“They wanted a vaccine. They didn’t want there to be safe, cheap effective treatments,” Odle said in a phone interview with “And really, the politicizing of this and the big pharma agenda for a vaccine for big money really cost us in America, over 500,000 lives. A lot of those could have been saved. And over 11,000 Alabamians.

“And for me, Gov. Kay Ivey, Scott Harris, and the rest of our leaders to not even mention this treatment and not to push it, to me either shows that they were led by politics and the liberal media, or they were in bad institutions or just ignorant. And either way, it’s not acceptable. It’s just bad leadership.”

To recap: Odle says Ivey is a bad leader because she didn’t tell people to use an unproven treatment… which led to thousands of deaths… but Odle also acts like vaccines are part of some pharmaceutical conspiracy.

And then the newspaper went on to quote his other insane ideas.

Aside from his assertions about the response to the pandemic, Odle makes larger claims about powerful forces undermining America’s sovereignty through control of the political establishment and the media. In a campaign appearance in Morgan County, he talked about a new world order, Communist agenda that he said has the backing of the mainstream media, Democrats, and many in his own party. He said he’s not spreading a conspiracy theory but pointing out what he says has been the stated goal of some American leaders since the founding of the United Nations…

Totally normal guy. And, according to his campaign website, a guy who wants to assure you his belief in Christian mythology doesn’t disqualify him from office… which is something no one was suggesting.

My religious beliefs i.e. my Christian faith about Biblical creation, the flood of Noah, Jonah being swallowed and spit out by a whale (something that just happened in the news), that God became man, performed miracles, then died on the cross for the sins of mankind, then physically rose from the dead and after being seen by hundreds of people He (Jesus Christ) ascended back up to heaven and will come again, and that there is a real place called heaven and very real hell, DO NOT DISQUALIFY ME from holding any public office.

It doesn’t disqualify him, but it does show how irrational and illogical he is. Then again, in Alabama politics, that’s an asset.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to @Alabamastani for the link)

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