GOP Senate Candidate: The Bible & Constitution “Are Not Supposed To Be Separate” July 3, 2021

GOP Senate Candidate: The Bible & Constitution “Are Not Supposed To Be Separate”

Josh Mandel, a former Ohio lawmaker and State Treasurer who became a MAGA cultist in recent years, is one of the Republican candidates in Ohio who has already announced his run for U.S. Senate. But winning the Republican primary in a red state pretty much means it’s a battle to see who can out-crazy the other conservatives.

Yesterday, Mandel made his move with this batshit crazy tweet basically calling for a Christian theocracy.

I will never understand how the same people who wrap themselves up in the American flag and worship the Constitution clearly don’t understand how the First Amendment works. If a non-Christian lawmaker ever said something like that using a different holy book, the right-wing media universe would flip out for weeks. It’s such a perfect example of Christian privilege. What’s frustrating is that Mandel’s tweet was hardly newsworthy; these days, it’s just par for the course for the GOP.

That didn’t stop plenty of people from rightly calling him out on it.

The scary thing is that the Republican primary election is a year away. If Mandel is tweeting this garbage now, what will he be saying as the election draws near?

It’s not even an original comment for Mandel. Just last week, he told a rally crowd that the “mantra of our campaign is pastors over politicians.” Which is a weird way to tell Jews, Muslims, atheists, and even other Christians that they don’t matter to him.

He’s obviously tweeting things like this to bait liberals — I know I’m falling for it — but it’s frightening that so many people in Ohio might want this sort of mindless theocrat to represent them when he’s obviously not interested in helping anyone who doesn’t share his brain cell.

If there’s any hope here, it’s that Mandel ran for Senate in 2012 and lost, and then ran for Senate again in 2018 and dropped out before the GOP primary. Let’s hope he keeps that streak going. If you want to support Rep. Tim Ryan, the only Democrat to jump into the Senate race so far, you can chip in here.

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