Rick Wiles Prematurely Claims “Jesus Christ Shut Down Right Wing Watch” June 30, 2021

Rick Wiles Prematurely Claims “Jesus Christ Shut Down Right Wing Watch”

Fresh off of his recent bout with COVID, right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles says that Jesus Christ Himself is responsible for shutting down Right Wing Watch’s YouTube channel.

(The channel had been suspended for violating YouTube’s hate speech policies, which was especially ironic because the site specializes in quoting right-wing commentators verbatim. Many of their videos were somehow still available on YouTube.)

Wiles celebrated the ban because he saw it as God’s way of shutting down criticism of “His servants.”

“I suspect that there will be layoffs very soon inside the organization because there’s no platform for them to spew their lies and propaganda,” Wiles declared, clearly unaware that YouTube is just one of several social media platforms Right Wing Watch uses to share our content. “So their writers, their editors, all the people that they had working to smear us and other ministries, what are they gonna do? I suspect they’re gonna lose their jobs this week.”

“Let me make this very clear today: Jesus Christ shut down Right Wing Watch,” Wiles celebrated. “Not YouTube. Jesus Christ shut down Right Wing Watch today. This is an example of God working through unsaved people at YouTube to carry out his vengeance against those who attack and smear his servants. So I didn’t have to lift a finger against Right Wing Watch. I think they’ll disappear in the coming weeks and months. There’s no purpose for them now.”

This segment was apparently filmed hours before Right Wing Watch announced that YouTube had reversed its decision following public outcry over their hypocrisy.

By that logic, I guess Jesus Christ also reinstated the channel and Wiles will issue an apology immediately? (I won’t hold my breath.)

Substantively, though, Wiles is also wrong. Right Wing Watch isn’t spreading “lies and propaganda” because they’re literally citing their sources and posting video clips taken directly from right-wing figures’ own social media platforms or interviews. If Wiles doesn’t like what Right Wing Watch is saying, he should take it up with the conservatives they’re quoting.

If only we could see the look on his face when he realized YouTube deleted Right Wing Watch’s channel by mistake…

By the way, kudos to Right Wing Watch for this amusing response:

While we normally use the video hosting platform Vimeo for embedding videos on our website, in this case, it seems fitting to use our newly restored YouTube channel to host this clip of Wiles prematurely celebrating the demise of Right Wing Watch.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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