Christian Lawmaker Goes After Library’s “INAPPROPRIATE” Pride History Event June 30, 2021

Christian Lawmaker Goes After Library’s “INAPPROPRIATE” Pride History Event

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert, a Republican running for Lt. Governor in 2022 as well as a Christian Nationalist, is very upset that a local library held a Pride-themed event discussing the history of the LGBTQ civil rights movement.

Was it the book-reading? Educating kids about American history? The rainbow colors? Who knows what set him off. But HE’S MAD.

This is just one of many signs that the leadership of the Faulkner County Library is weak and out of touch with our community. I have information from 2020 where an employee of the Faulkner County Library sent me very inappropriate hateful messages and comments on social media – the director of the library did nothing and the board did nothing. Now this. Reading books and discussing homosexuality is INAPPROPRIATE for minor children. I will get answers and I will demand action.

Those last two sentences are wild. His poor grammar makes it sound like he’s saying “reading books… is inappropriate for minor children.” Also, minor children? As opposed to the adult children? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, as commenters were quick to point out, this event wasn’t even “discussing homosexuality” so much as it talked about what occurred at Stonewall. It was requested by community members. It was voluntary to attend. Children who attended had to come with their parents. There was no discussion about sex. The article Rapert links to simply says that community members expressed their feelings about the event at a recent board meeting… which, in itself, isn’t controversial.

That’s all a long way of saying Rapert already has access to the “answers” — not that he cares — and there’s nothing to take “action” on. He’s nothing more than a whiny conservative zealot trying to gin up fear among his conservative Christian base because it’s the only political move he knows. He can’t campaign on his mastery of public policy or basic human decency because he has neither. He’s just hoping to ride the coattails of Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who’s running for governor) on the unofficial Christian Nationalist ticket.

Notice that he has nothing to say to the people allegedly harassing the librarian who read the book about Pride at that event. I guess he’s okay with their actions.

I would ask him for comment, but last time I did that, he threatened me.

(Thanks to @torresnashley for the link)

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