Preacher: God Used COVID to “Form a New Relationship with Me” June 29, 2021

Preacher: God Used COVID to “Form a New Relationship with Me”

Why did God allow COVID to happen? So he could have a deeper relationship with Chuck Pierce, apparently.

The preacher, last seen on this site promoting a “car anointing fire tunnel,” joined fellow “prophet” Cindy Jacobs on Facebook last week and recalled a conversation last year when Jacobs told him he wouldn’t be traveling much in 2020. That would have been unusual for him since he traveled all the time, so he had doubts about how everything could stop all of a sudden.

“I said, ‘I have no idea how God will do this,’” he continued. “How in the world will God do this? And I have watched him, starting in March, do that word. … I believe it has been a year and a half of me being redone. The Spirit of God said it to me this way: ‘Have you ever thought that I stopped the whole world just for you to form a new relationship with me?’ And I really knew right then, this is about me and the Lord and what he is trying to do in me and how we’re forming a new relationship.”

I have so many questions…

Why would God unleash a pandemic for the benefit of Pierce alone? (Is he God’s favorite?)

Was there literally no other way for God to have this relationship with Pierce other than to give the world a plague?

Does this mean Pierce is responsible for the pandemic and can be sued for wrongful death?

Is one man’s salvation worth the deaths of nearly four million people globally?

Is it possible that God just doesn’t want Pierce to preach false prophecies anymore and that forcing him to stay at home was a way to accomplish that?

Even if we assuming this is true, Pierce isn’t making his God look good for people who may be on the fence about faith. His statement will do far more damage than good.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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