MAGA Cultist: Bill Gates is Taking Your Meat So You Can’t Fight the Government June 29, 2021

MAGA Cultist: Bill Gates is Taking Your Meat So You Can’t Fight the Government

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein has, in the past several months, called for the execution of a congresswoman and bragged about how he wants to make it harder for people to vote.

All that’s to say you shouldn’t trust him. But that hasn’t stopped him from spreading other conspiracy theories, his latest being that Bill Gates is investing in farmland in order to take away our meat… as part of a plot to take over the government.

[Gates] could be buying up all this farmland to end livestock production, and to get everybody for not being able to eat meat. Because if you don’t have any cows, you don’t have any livestock, and you don’t have any land to cultivate and to grow and to have these cows on, well, guess what? You’re gonna have less and less and less meat.

People need to understand: They want you to stop eating meat. Now when you think about that, what do you think about when people tell you [to] stop eating meat? The Left will say it’s about the environment… it’s not! It’s to make you weak! Okay?…

… [Why?] To have them be brittle and not be strong enough to overcome their tyrannical governments. So this is what they want…

Well actually, it is about the environment. The meat industry is one of the leading causes of emissions into the atmosphere. There are loads of data to back that up, but Bernstein isn’t interested in facts. He’s all-in on his lie. He’s also wrong. People who don’t eat meat aren’t necessarily less weak just as people who eat meat aren’t always stronger. There are many other ways to get the protein that meat provides. Eating less meat isn’t just a healthy decision, it’s easier today than ever before with more imitation meats (that could pass for real) on the market.

In case you’re wondering, Bernstein offers no evidence connecting Gates, specifically, to his theory. It’s too bad his followers won’t care.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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