This Anti-Abortion “Walk-In Clinic” Doesn’t Appear to Have Any Medical Staffers June 28, 2021

This Anti-Abortion “Walk-In Clinic” Doesn’t Appear to Have Any Medical Staffers

Well, this is disturbing. An abortion clinic escort — who helps women access health care and navigate the (mostly) Christian protesters standing in the way — noticed a giant bus in Nebraska advertising itself as a “free walk-in clinic” to help women with ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD screenings, and counseling.

But despite the image of a doctor on the outside of the bus, this wasn’t actually a medical clinic at all. It’s a fake clinic (bearing the name of a group called Nebraskans Embracing Life) designed to lure in women to eventually talk them out of getting an abortion.

Even more disturbing? There didn’t appear to be any medical staff in the vicinity.

So the woman behind the TikTok account @TheDeathScorts confronted the only person she could find near the bus — a guy with a shirt promoting the anti-choice group “LIFE Runners” — to ask him some fairly simple questions: Are there any actual medical professionals on the bus? Who’s conducting these STD screenings?

Instead of responding, the man basically walked away from the camera.


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I asked both of those Christian groups for comment yesterday. LIFE Runners didn’t respond, but Nebraskans Embracing Life told me a “certified sonographer and trained counselor are on [standby] where the unit is present.” If that’s the case, they were not seen in the video, and that protester didn’t seem to acknowledge their presence. But that also seems like an admission that there is no actual doctor on duty, so why the hell is there a picture of a doctor on the bus? They later told me the stethoscope isn’t meant to convey the presence of a doctor; it’s to suggest the presence of a sonographer.

While it’s troubling enough that these groups would try to trick women, it’s beyond the pale that they would do so while having no doctor or nurse on site despite offering STD tests.

The man is free to protest and hand out flyers… but luring women into this creepy Christian bus is flat-out dangerous for anyone who actually needs help.

(via @NotesFromAutumn)

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