Christian Business Owner Tells Lesbians She Won’t Let Them Rent Wedding Tuxes June 28, 2021

Christian Business Owner Tells Lesbians She Won’t Let Them Rent Wedding Tuxes

Back in April, Joni Edmonson and her partner Ciarra Weaver ordered the tuxedos they would need for their wedding later this year. They went to a place called My Sister’s Closet in Crestview, Florida because Weaver had been renting clothes from there for 15 years. She even knew the owner Cynthia Harris.

And then, this month (four months before the wedding), Harris called them up to say she wouldn’t fulfill the order because Jesus hates lesbians.

“She got a call, so she went outside and came back and she was in tears,” Edmonson said. “I was like, ‘What is going on?’ And she was like, ‘Miss Cynthia told me because she’s a pastor that she cannot fulfill our tux order.’ It was awful. I was like, ‘Well, she’s known that we’re gay since forever, so why is it just now that you can’t do our order?’”

Weaver was distraught — not only because it marked their first time being denied business because of their sexuality, Edmonson said, but also because she thought of Harris as a friend.

Besides the predictable Christian bigotry, the rejection also added to the couple’s stress. They weren’t sure if they could get the wedding clothes they needed on such short notice. They told the Northwest Florida Daily News that they wouldn’t have minded the religious rejection months ago, but why now?!

“Our thing was, whatever you believe in is totally fine; just be upfront with us in the very beginning, not four months before the wedding,” Edmonson said. “Here we are, four months before the wedding, and she’s canceled our order. Luckily, we hadn’t put any money down or anything yet. But I made that post and just said, ‘I cannot believe the discrimination. I can’t believe these days this happened.’ ”

The good news is that the owner of a place called Randall’s Formal Wear reached out to the couple and made sure they would have the tuxes they needed.

But Harris still won’t speak to the press about her faith-based bigotry. She apparently has no problem refusing customers’ orders months after they’re placed, but the Christian doesn’t want to speak to the press about her broken moral compass. (Does she provide tuxes for people who have been divorced? Women who have had abortions? People who support the death penalty? Why is this “sin” such a problem for her compared to the other ones?)

While there’s no talk of any lawsuit, keep in mind that Harris wasn’t asked to participate in the wedding in any special way. She wasn’t designing a custom cake or anything. The only thing that happened was that two women wanted to give her money to rent tuxes. If they were going to separate events, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But because they were using those tuxes in their own wedding, Harris decided she couldn’t take their wicked lesbian money. As Edmonson said, “Our money spends just as good as straight money.”

This is what Harris’ Christianity taught her to do. What a heartless, thoughtless human being.

(Featured image via Facebook. Thanks to Alex for the link)

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