Jim Bakker: Give Me $500 and I’ll Send You This Prophetic Mug and Blanket June 22, 2021

Jim Bakker: Give Me $500 and I’ll Send You This Prophetic Mug and Blanket

Televangelist Jim Bakker, last seen selling “credentialed missionaries” cards to people who purchase a series of books from his website for $215, has a new grift.

Give him $500… and he’ll send you a mug and a blanket.

And I’m asking everyone who’d say, “Jim, I’m gonna stand with you. We’re gonna beat the Devil back. We’re gonna beat him back into Hell where he belongs”… The massiveness of what God is doing through the ministry is so unbelievable that I know that if everyone gives, we’re gonna make it through this. It’s gonna grow and grow and grow.

If you can give $1,000, do it. If you can give $100 offering, you can do that. And also, if anyone… the special PTL blanket, you can ask for that… and the cup. You get the PTL prophets’ mug.… Call me right now, would you please? We need help.

Oh, he definitely needs help…

Incidentally, on his website, the mug is $15. The blanket isn’t available but it’s not that fancy. None of the swag is worth hundreds of dollars, much less $500 like he advertises in the clip.

But at least Bakker isn’t pretending those items “cure” venereal disease or COVID like last time.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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