Mike Pence Heckled by People Calling Him “TRAITOR” During Christian Conference June 18, 2021

Mike Pence Heckled by People Calling Him “TRAITOR” During Christian Conference

Earlier today, while speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, former Vice President Mike Pence heard shouts of “TRAITOR” while he delivered his speech.

Calling Pence a traitor to the country may be the only honest thing said at the conference, and it came from people who weren’t even on stage. Kind of nice to see the mob he helped build finally turn on one of their own.

In another world, it might be appalling that Pence, one of the most conservative Christians to ever serve in the White House, would get any kind of pushback at a conference for conservative Christians. But that crowd worships Donald Trump, and the hecklers were presumably furious at Pence for certifying the Electoral College votes and not helping Trump overthrow the government following his election loss. Who knows, they may have also been mad that Pence didn’t succumb to the mobsters trying to hang him during the insurrection attempt.

At least one of those hecklers was escorted out of the conference. Pence just spoke through it, ignoring the criticism.

But while one heckler shouldn’t be mistaken for the broader conservative movement, there’s no doubt many white evangelicals feel the same way. They see Pence as insufficiently loyal to Trump (even though he was) and if Pence had any hopes for running for president himself in 2024, they will arguably go nowhere given that even Trump isn’t all that enthusiastic about his former running mate and remains a theoretically viable candidate himself. Those conservative Christians want to be ruled by a conservative who cosplays as a dictator, not one who thinks we should ever follow rules if there’s any chance the other side may benefit from it.

One side note: Pence delivered a line he’s given many times before, meant to shore up his credentials: “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” It got the expected applause from that crowd. But imagine any other non-Christian politician trying to do that and you realize this is what Christian privilege looks like:

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