In West Virginia, a MAGA Cultist Republican Lawmaker Came Out as Gay June 16, 2021

In West Virginia, a MAGA Cultist Republican Lawmaker Came Out as Gay

Here’s the good news: Joshua Higginbotham, a state representative from West Virginia, just came out as gay. He made the public announcement on Sunday, saying he had waited a while because there were people in his family who didn’t know.

He received almost universal praise for his decision — from both parties. No small feat.

Here’s the weird news: Higginbotham is a MAGA cultist. He’s a Trump-supporting conservative Christian Republican who routinely supports batshit crazy legislation. He’s anti-women’s rights, anti-gun safety, etc. You know. A Republican.

That said, he also sponsored the Fairness Act to prevent LGBTQ discrimination, but it didn’t get anywhere because… Republicans.

Good for Higginbotham for coming out. But it’s too bad he’s going to continue belonging to and defending a party that routinely opposes LGBTQ rights and makes life worse for people who don’t have the same support system he appears to have. WV recently passed a bill banning trans athletes from competing in women’s sports. Higginbotham didn’t support it, but he belongs to the party that passed it.

None of that bothers him enough to rethink his political allegiances. He’s out, but he’s hardly an ally because he roots for people in power who hurt LGBTQ people. At least others in his party are open about their bigotry. Higginbotham supports it indirectly.

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube)

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