Podcast Ep. 378: Have the “New Atheists” Drifted to the Right? June 12, 2021

Podcast Ep. 378: Have the “New Atheists” Drifted to the Right?

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— A number of well-known New Atheists have drifted to the right… but to varying degrees. Here’s a great episode of Serious Inquiries Only with more nuance! (2:45)

— Conservatives are very upset that a graduation speaker said the Pledge of Allegiance “Under Allah.” (21:08)

— Does it matter that Christian denominations are fading away? (28:02)

— Even a majority of Republicans support marriage equality now. (36:45)

— The GOP chairwoman wished people a Happy Pride Month. It didn’t end well. (45:04)

— How much credit does Burger King deserve for this Chick-fil-A shade? (53:40)

— A Christian group wants body cams on teachers to make sure they’re not teaching about race. (1:02:36)

— A(nother) Noah’s Ark replica is creating all kinds of chaos. (1:10:30)

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