Failed Christian “Prophet”: Trump Will Return to Power by June 23 June 9, 2021

Failed Christian “Prophet”: Trump Will Return to Power by June 23

Jeff Jansen, the Christian liar who insists that Donald Trump is still president, said earlier this year that Trump would return to the White House by this summer.

By March, he was so confident that would happen that he moved up the date up to April, saying the military would help restore Trump to power.

Then March and April came and went. So the so-called “prophet” claimed Joe Biden would be removed from office very soon.

Then very soon came and went. No luck. You know what has happened in that time, though? Jansen was fired from Global Fire Ministries International for a series of “poor moral choices” and “character flaws.”

You might think that makes it a good time to back away from his lies… but that’s never stopped a “prophet” before.

So Jansen is now saying Trump will return to power by the end of this month. He did it while urging his followers to watch Trump’s recent speech in North Carolina (the one where he was mocked for his strange-looking pants).

“President Trump is going to be addressing the GOP and the nation,” Jansen said. “Watch what happens. I said by spring, which starts officially June 23, we’d be dancing in the streets. The Trump administration is on its way in; the pedophilia Biden administration — the fake administration — Biden’s administration is on its way out. I don’t care if you like it or not, it doesn’t matter. We all know what took place, and God is going to do something amazing in this nation and through this nation. It’s revival time. It’s revolution time.

I know I’ve said this before, but better grifters know you never set a deadline for your prophecies. You always say the world will end “soon,” not on a given date. But Jansen has given multiple dates for his predictions, only to be humiliated each time. That’s not going to change by the end of the month.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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