Christian Group: We Want Body Cams on Teachers to Monitor Lessons on Sex, Racism June 9, 2021

Christian Group: We Want Body Cams on Teachers to Monitor Lessons on Sex, Racism

In a totally normal and not-at-all batshit crazy move, the head of the Christian group Nevada Family Alliance is calling for all public school teachers to wear body cameras so that parents can monitor if they’re teaching students about social justice, sex, or anything else for that matter.

“Every day we are told of another incident where a teacher is violating the privacy of a student or contradicting the lessons taught by parents at home. Creating a record that could be viewed by appropriate parties, if necessary, might be the best way to urge teachers to stick to traditional teaching,” said Karen England, Executive Director and Founder of Nevada Family Alliance.

Karen England is all out of useful ideas, so she’s busy spreading bad ones.

Leave it to a conservative Christian to complain about the possibility of students learning in school… I assure you that if a public school teacher is contradicting what kids hear at home, it’s probably because the kids aren’t hearing facts at home.

Notice, too, that England is mostly worried about a “social justice narrative,” “critical race theory,” or sex education. In other words, she doesn’t want students learning about American history, slavery, the root causes of the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, etc. She doesn’t want kids taught to be kind and accepting of others. She doesn’t want them learning about basic facts regarding sex including how to protect themselves.

While there’s no chance this suggestion would ever be adopted, can you just imagine the conservative outrage that would ensue if a teacher “accidentally” turns the camera off for five minutes during a history class…?

There’s no word yet on how much she pays each month for the bubble she keeps her own children inside. Or how much this ludicrous idea would cost. Many teachers can barely cover supplies for their classroom, but England is dumb enough to think school districts will pony up for body cams for the entire staff.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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