Christian Conspiracist: Supporting Trump is a Way to Prove Your Devotion to God June 8, 2021

Christian Conspiracist: Supporting Trump is a Way to Prove Your Devotion to God

Pastor Johnny Enlow is already known for spreading conspiracy theories. He says Donald Trump is president in Heaven — as if that matters? — and that Trump is still in the White House… albeit as a puppeteer rather than in the Oval Office.

He still believes all that. And now he’s expanding it to describe a core tenet of Christianity: Want to be a True Christian™? You must support Trump at all costs.

“I call it the ‘Trump Test,’” Enlow said. “It’s a biblical precedent that it’s not sufficient just to say, ‘Hey, I worship God, I’m totally sold out to God or to Jesus.’ There’s this thing going around the body of Christ — and there’s a good part of it, and there’s a bad part of it — ’Well, I’m so tired of everything. I just want it to be all about Jesus and all about God and devotion to Jesus, devotion about God.’ You won’t find the time in history where you didn’t have to also figure out who to be aligned and connected with.”

Enlow said that God uses his prophets to let the rest of the church know who has been anointed to serve as leaders, such as Moses and King David. Enlow warned that those who don’t follow God’s chosen leaders, like Trump in this case, are “going to come under the judgment for not recognizing it.”

“If you go against God’s person that he’s using, his instrument,” Enlow explained, “even if you think you have 100 percent devotion to God, it’s going to cost you. … This is a line in the sand, this ‘Trump Test.’”

Enlow claimed that the Christian leaders and ministries currently experiencing great outpourings of God’s blessings are those “who didn’t back off Trump.”

For some reason, accepting that Joe Biden is the legitimate president doesn’t make you a good Christian. I’m guessing that applies to Barack Obama, too. God only chooses whoever the Republican Party likes at any given moment. Just like the Bible says.

The sad thing is that Enlow is hardly an anomaly here. A lot of white evangelicals certainly act like Trump-support is a defining feature of their faith and a lot of Christian leaders are too cowardly to speak out against him and his party’s bigotry even when it contradicts their own stated values. So laugh at Enlow all you want, but what he’s saying certainly describes a large swath of conservative Christianity.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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