Christian Hate-Preacher: The “Elites” Who Got Vaccinated Just Got “Sugar Water” May 24, 2021

Christian Hate-Preacher: The “Elites” Who Got Vaccinated Just Got “Sugar Water”

In news that will surprise zero of you, Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke, who’s spent much of the past year hosting precaution-free services for his congregation in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, told the crowd on Sunday that they shouldn’t get vaccinated.

Furthermore, he (falsely) claimed that the “elites” who have received the vaccine actually got a placebo because this is all part of some giant conspiracy theory.

I have not changed my stance. I haven’t softened my stance. I have strengthened strictly my stance against the vaccine. It is not FDA approved. I don’t care what Pfizer — I don’t care what any of the four groups do out there.

Look: If you think… for one minute that those political elites actually got that vaccination, you are smoking meth in your mama’s basement. A bunch of fake liars is what they are. They didn’t shoot nothin’ in their arm but a bunch of sugar water.

Now look: I know some of you are like, “My goodness, what am I gonna — my boss told me that if I don’t get the vaccination, that I’m going to lose my job.”

I can write you a religious exemption and we will sue their stinkin’ pants off! We will sue their pants off! … This is American not China! This America! They can keep their stinking sheep shot!…

Locke’s lying, but it’s helpful to show why that’s the case.

He doesn’t care about FDA approval because it wouldn’t change his position. (The FDA has authorized all the major vaccines for emergency use, which isn’t taken lightly either.)

He doesn’t understand that a placebo would not have caused all those fevers and mild side effects — which was certainly the case for me after I received both shots.

By the way, “fake liars” are actually telling the truth. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And why Locke thinks a note from his office will allow people to potentially spread a virus in their workplace is beyond me. He wouldn’t win a lawsuit. He’s all talk, no action, and the people who attend his church are too dumb to realize it.

This is a cult, and he’s leading people to their deaths. If he didn’t say “Jesus” repeatedly during the sermon, maybe that would be more clear to the general public, but this man is a threat to public health.

I would also suspect Locke himself has received the vaccine. I don’t have proof of that. But he’s the sort of guy who’ll do anything to save himself while throwing his followers under the bus, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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