Preacher: Gay People Should Wear Labels Saying “Hazardous to Your Health” May 22, 2021

Preacher: Gay People Should Wear Labels Saying “Hazardous to Your Health”

Preacher Andrew Wommack, who recently claimed that people who affirm rights for transgender people are following a doctrine from Satan, now says gay people should have to wear warning labels on their foreheads because homosexuality is a health hazard:

He raised the issue after mentioned Caitlyn Jenner‘s campaign for governor of California:

“Homosexuals have like three times as much suicide as heterosexuals, and then you go into transgenders, and it just continues to go up,” Wommack replied. “It’s a very destructive lifestyle. They have 20 years less that the homosexual lives than a heterosexual. And, you know, cigarettes take an average of seven years off of a person’s life, so homosexuality is three times worse than smoking. We ought to put a label across their forehead, ‘This can be hazardous to your health.’”

Wommack wrong thinks being LGBTQ is the problem when the more likely explanation for why LGBTQ suicide rates are so high include the fact that conservative Christians regularly demonize them, pass laws designed to hurt them, and say things like being gay is “hazardous to your health.”

It’s the harassment, the bullying, and the rejection of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity that leads to suicide. If we were a nation that offered love and respect to LGBTQ people, instead of treating them like diseases as so many right-wing pastors do, those rates would likely plummet.

In that sense, Wommack should be wearing the warning label, not the people he deems a threat.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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