This Furniture Store Hides a Cross in Each Piece to Spread Jesus Everywhere May 16, 2021

This Furniture Store Hides a Cross in Each Piece to Spread Jesus Everywhere

Here’s a case of a Christian doing something completely harmless and well-intentioned… and yet it’s still deeply troubling.

The furniture store “Fourth and Main on Laurel” in Conway, South Carolina apparently inserts a cross inside every piece it sells… in order to shove Jesus in their customers’ homes.

“I didn’t tell anybody for a long time. It was just kind of my little secret. But what I say is that every home needs a blessing of some kind. Maybe there’s something going on, maybe there’s not, but every home needs a blessing. So it’s my way of doing it,” Laura, Fourth and Main on Laurel’s owner, said.

“But then, you know when you have those thoughts in the shower? That’s when your thoughts always come to you? So it just popped in my head. And of course I’m sure it was Jesus talking to me. But He said, you know, ‘Put one in every piece of furniture.’ So, in every piece of furniture in here, once we put it on the floor and get the price tag on it, we stick the cross in there,” Laura said of her shop’s now not-so-secret tradition.

Ah, yes. The famous last words of Jesus: “Please stick the instrument of my torture inside the TV stand.”

This isn’t ultimately harmful and there’s nothing illegal going on here — plus, you have to think most of their South Carolina customers are fine with it — so it’s not worth making a huge fuss over it. But it’s clear the owner doesn’t give a damn if the cross ends up in the home of a non-Christian customer; hell, she probably wants that to happen because this is all about her religion.

You get the feeling that if a Muslim business owner in the community acted the same way, customers would be leaving nasty reviews. But in this case, the crosses are seen as cute and quirky. Something worthy of positive local news coverage. But there’s nothing cute about a Christian business owner subtly pushing her religion onto unsuspecting customers just because some of them are delighted by it.

(Thanks to Matt for the link)

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