Nova Scotia Church Fined Over $74,000 for Ignoring Pandemic Restrictions May 11, 2021

Nova Scotia Church Fined Over $74,000 for Ignoring Pandemic Restrictions

Law enforcement officials in Nova Scotia are finally doing what their colleagues elsewhere have been hesitant to do for the past year at everyone’s peril: They’re taking COVID restrictions seriously enough to punish churchgoers who violate them.

The Nova Scotia RCMP had already warned Weston Christian Fellowship Church that large in-person gatherings were not allowed (for any group) under new policies… but the church went through with its Sunday service anyway. So the police took action:

RCMP Cpl. Chris Marshall said officers saw a faith gathering about to begin. He said police warned the congregation, but the gathering went ahead anyway.

“As a result, police charged 26 people and an organization under the Health Protection Act for having a faith gathering contrary to public health restrictions,” Marshall said Monday.

The fines for the 13 men and 13 women were $2,422 each. Police also fined the church $11,622.50.

That’s $74,594.50 thrown away by those parishioners because they deny the seriousness of a virus that’s killed millions of people worldwide and because they falsely believe their religion grants them immunity from the rules everyone else has to live by.

Remember: They’re not being punished for their faith. They’re being punished because they’re putting other people’s lives in danger. These people are too selfish — too blinded by their own faith — to care about anyone other than themselves.

Good for the RCMP for not letting them escape punishment simply because they’re Christians.

(Screenshot via Google Maps. Thanks to everyone for the link)

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