Anti-Trans Christians Can’t Decide if They Support Caitlyn Jenner for Governor May 9, 2021

Anti-Trans Christians Can’t Decide if They Support Caitlyn Jenner for Governor

Caitlyn Jenner‘s announcement that she’s running for governor of California is, at best, a publicity stunt that will hopefully come crashing down in the near future. Even during a softball interview with Sean Hannity, it was clear Jenner had no actual knowledge of the job much less her own political positions.

But there is one definite upside to her candidacy: Right-wing bigots, who routinely pass legislation against transgender people (or at least support such bills), are twisting themselves into knots trying to decide if they can support her. She’s a Republican who represents one of their best chances of beating Gavin Newsombut she’s trans.

What wins out? Their bigotry or their desire to own the libs?

Check out this roundup of conservatives who typically have a knee-jerk affirmative response to any Republican on the ballot:

Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist-Dallas says it’s important to vote for the candidate who closely aligns with biblical values. But if none are to be had — you’re on your own, he says.

“I can’t tell people how to vote in a situation like that,” he shares. “I think we need to call the situation with Bruce Jenner what it is — gender confusion is an emotional disorder. It needs to be treated compassionately, but it needs to be treated.”

Jeffress won’t even call Jenner “Caitlyn,” choosing to use her dead name because he won’t acknowledge her humanity. It’s amazing, though, how Jeffress has an opinion for everything… except this.

… Dr. Richard Land of Southern Evangelical Seminary says the prospective Republican candidate does have some good points, describing Jenner as “a strong law-and-order candidate” and someone who “favors capitalism as opposed to socialism.”

“[But] does that overcome the fact that if we elected a transgender governor, that makes transgenderism more acceptable?” he wonders. The answer, he says, is it probably would not.

It would be pretty incredible if a joke candidacy ended up revealing how bigotry was more important to conservative Christians than political power. But as we know all too well, joke candidates occasionally win. Those victories — which begin as publicity stunts — end up hurting everyone.

At least for the time being, we can enjoy more right-wing Christians make the case for why a Democrat must be ousted from the governor’s mansion… just not by the Republican with the most name recognition.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via Shutterstock)

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