Rick Wiles: Americans Are Being Oppressed by “Jewish Tyrants” May 8, 2021

Rick Wiles: Americans Are Being Oppressed by “Jewish Tyrants”

Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles has spent the past year denying the seriousness of COVID. He has called for the torture of Dr. Anthony Fauci, supposedly paid the legal fines for Orthodox Jews who held a large in-person gathering in defiance of local COVID restrictions, and called on Christians to “rise up” over Bill Gates (for some reason).

But for the time being, he’s back to the anti-Semitism routine, claiming that Americans are being oppressed by “Jewish tyrants.”

He was complaining about a trans business owner, Jennifer Pritzker, who threatened to move her company out of Tennessee in response to anti-trans legislation currently under consideration there.

“This is James Pritzker,” Wiles said, putting a photo of Pritzker on the screen and repeatedly misgendering her. “He or his family are the owners of the Hyatt hotel chain. So they’re billionaires, and they’re using their wealth to fund the homosexual, transgender mental illness campaign in America.”

“Are the Prizkers Presbyterians or Methodist?” Wiles then asked rhetorically. “They’re Jewish. I’m shocked. Another rich Jew using his money to turn America into a perverted cesspool. When are the American people going to rise up against this Jewish oppression? It is oppression. This is oppression. The American people are oppressed by Jewish tyrants.”

So Wiles took a reasonable response to bigotry, used it to promote more bigotry, then finished with an out-of-left-field knock on Jews for absolutely no reason. As if being Jewish even has anything at all to do with the anti-LGBTQ legislation in question. It’s also odd to think that Jews, who represent fewer than 2% of the country, could oppress Christians, who represent 71%.

But there’s no reason to even consider logic when we’re talking about anti-Semitism. Wiles doesn’t care if his argument makes sense. When you’re a bigot, hate always outweighs any other considerations.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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