An Oregon Church Sued Over COVID Restrictions; 74 Members Now Have the Virus May 8, 2021

An Oregon Church Sued Over COVID Restrictions; 74 Members Now Have the Virus

Last month, the Peoples Church in Salem, Oregon held an in-person, indoor, maskless church service for waaaaaay too many people. They’ve been holding three Sunday services each week since then, too.

And wouldn’t you know it, that church is now at the center of 74 COVID outbreaks, according to the state’s health department. It’s one of the largest “workplace outbreaks” in the state.

What’s frightening is how little the Christian leaders there seem to care about this.

In a statement, the church’s leaders attributed the outbreak to a recent rise in covid-19 cases in Marion County, Ore. “We are concerned about the covid-19 surge in Oregon,” executive pastor Tom Murray said in an email to The Washington Post. “This statewide increase has impacted our entire region, including our church family.”

Murray said the church, which has held in-person services throughout the pandemic, intends to continue with in-person ceremonies on Sunday.

This virus is dangerous! It’s affecting the whole area! It hurts our church! And that’s why we’re going to ignore every precaution and just act like the pandemic never happened!

It’s not just rhetoric, either. This is the same church that sued the governor last year over COVID restrictions that limited in-person gatherings to 25 people and didn’t include an exemption for churches. In other words, these Christians haven’t learned a damn thing about how the virus spreads over the past year.

While the church has encouraged people to wear masks and practice social distancing, they haven’t enforced it, which makes their precautions useless.

For an Assemblies of God church that promotes “pro-life” positions, these people are actively trying to kill their neighbors due to their own negligence. They’re not just ignorant, they’re hypocrites. And their utter disregard for anyone’s health won’t just hurt church members; they’ll hurt people in the community who haven’t been vaccinated.

What does the body count have to be before any of these church leaders start to care about anyone besides themselves?

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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