The Ohio Lawmaker Caught Zooming and Driving is a Liberty U. Graduate May 7, 2021

The Ohio Lawmaker Caught Zooming and Driving is a Liberty U. Graduate

By now, you may have heard about how Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner was in the middle of a conference call with his colleagues… while driving in his car… on the same day his Republican colleagues introduced a bill that would punish distracted driving.

His attempt to hide his location using a Zoom background, even though his seat belt was fully visible, didn’t work at all. (But it was pretty damn hilarious.)

What you may not know, but which seems worth pointing out, is that this is the same guy whose wife made headlines last year for reacting to the idea of COVID immunity certificates… with a comparison to the Holocaust. Brenner himself agreed with his wife’s comments.

Also, his bio says he earned his “Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in Leadership” from Liberty University.

Because of course he did. Another Liberty graduate who makes headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Brenner hasn’t faced any serious consequences for these scandals, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. If Republicans ever held their own members accountable, there would be virtually no one left in their party.

(Thanks to Terry for the link)

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