Preacher: It’s Not a “Real Sermon” Unless You Can Smell the Pastor’s Body Odor May 5, 2021

Preacher: It’s Not a “Real Sermon” Unless You Can Smell the Pastor’s Body Odor

David Heavener is one of those preachers who would benefit from his own silence.

The longtime musician, filmmaker, and straight-to-bargain-bin staple is now promoting Jesus and it’s going as well as his Hollywood career. In a livestream Monday, he spoke about how he only likes certain kinds of pastors. The kind who smell.

… A real preacher, “what does he smell like, David?”

Well, let me tell you something, when a real preacher gets up and starts preaching the gospel — and I’m talking the sweat starts flinging, and sometimes the saliva starts shooting out, and their eyes start bulging because the Holy Spirit gets a hold of them — they work up what we call body odor.

And here’s my thing: Any pastor that does not have body odor, that I can’t smell, chances are that pastor is not preaching a real sermon.

I thought at first he was going to reference fire and brimstone — hence the odor — but nope! He meant something else entirely… So there you go. A brand new reason for you to skip church. Not that you needed it.

Also, I hope you’re impressed by how I didn’t even mention the jacket.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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