E.W. Jackson: Democrats Want to Decriminalize Pot to “Manipulate” Black People April 29, 2021

E.W. Jackson: Democrats Want to Decriminalize Pot to “Manipulate” Black People

Right-wing radio host and former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia E.W. Jackson, whose brand of punditry involves saying Georgia Democrats are “demonically possessed,” now claims that legalizing marijuana is a liberal attempt to control black people.

That’s an odd statement to make given how white Americans smoke pot at roughly the same rate, but Black people are the ones more likely to get arrested for it. Legalizing it, then, would be a benefit to those currently getting in trouble over it.

“The biggest and most destructive racists in America are not the Ku Klux Klan, it’s not the skinheads, it’s not the Proud Boys,” Jackson said. “The biggest and most destructive racist in America today are the Democrat Party and the left and all of those associated with them. They are the biggest racists on the planet today. They are the biggest racists in America, and they are the most destructive.”

“They are the most destructive force in this country doing damage to these communities [of color],” he continued. “And here’s proof positive of it. They think that somehow Black folks are the primary users of marijuana. … All of this stuff that they’re doing is demonic.”

“I don’t believe you should ever legalize any drugs because when you legalize it, what you do is you put the state’s imprimatur on it and you say, ‘It’s OK,’” Jackson added. “And it’s not OK. But I tell you who it is OK for; it’s OK for those who want to manipulate people, and use people, and keeping them high is one way to help you do that. And I think that the attitude on the left is: Black folks, these minority people, give them some marijuana, give them a welfare check, give them a house, an apartment in the projects, and just let them go out there and do their thing and round them up at election time and get them to the polls to vote for us. No problem, you got ’em. Now that is about as racist as it gets.”

If alcohol or drugs shouldn’t be legal, the Jackson could easily call for bans on beer, cigarettes, gambling, and every other vice. Instead, he’s mad about this issue specifically because progressives are the one fighting for a loosening of marijuana restrictions. If Joe Biden said puppies were nice, Jackson would be against puppies, too.

Decriminalizing pot isn’t just smart policy; it would help taxpayers who currently have to foot the bill for filling prisons with people who aren’t dangerous or threats to society.

Jackson may not approve of marijuana use, but he’s not helping his cause by pointing the finger in the wrong direction. If he’s worried about “controlling Black people,” he should be fighting to fix systemic racism embedded throughout our justice system. Instead, he just wants bad policies to remain in place no matter who gets hurt.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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