Conspiracist: Hillary Clinton Was Going to Use COVID to Usher in the End Times April 29, 2021

Conspiracist: Hillary Clinton Was Going to Use COVID to Usher in the End Times

Televangelist Robin Bullock, who said last November that the COVID crisis could be blamed on people who voted for Hillary Clinton and that all gay people were actually just straight people inhabited by Satan, now says that we’re very lucky Donald Trump won the 2016 election because the alternative would’ve been disastrous.

Without any citations or supporting evidence, Bullock claimed on Monday that Hillary Clinton would have ushered in the Tribulation (the prelude to the apocalypse):

“[Then-President Barack Obama] thought it was gonna happen,” Bullock continued. “And he thought Hillary Clinton should have stepped in, and it was demoralized, destabilize, pushed to a crisis. The crisis was COVID. That’s what it was. It was to push the nation to a crisis — COVID — and so they planned on Hillary Clinton being president right at that moment. That’s why they went berserk when Trump won. They couldn’t get over that. They said, ‘We got to get him out, got to get him out, got to get him out, got to get him out,’ because they knew the virus was coming in 2020, and she should have been the president. And if it had been, the book of Revelation — we don’t have time to look at that — said she would have taken us into the Great Tribulation. And that’s what was planned.”

Ah yes. The old “Obama knew in 2016 about a virus that didn’t exist until 2019 and planned for Clinton to use it to destroy the world” theory.

Not that Bullock cares, but Clinton is a regular church-goer. Trump was not… unless he needed the photo-op. She promoted religious liberty on the campaign trail. And COVID has taken the lives of liberals, conservatives, Christians, and non-Christians alike.

If the Democrats were as clever as Bullock seems to think they are, it seems like they could’ve designed a better virus to bring about the apocalypse.

Or maybe prophecy isn’t Bullock’s strong suit.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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