Republican Mayoral Candidate on LGBTQ People: “These Things Are an Abomination” April 28, 2021

Republican Mayoral Candidate on LGBTQ People: “These Things Are an Abomination”

Tim Rowbottom is running for mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and for the sake of everyone in the city, let’s hope his campaign is mercifully short. The Republican issued an unprompted “press release” last week on Facebook all about LGBTQ people.

Here’s a spoiler: He’s Christian.

You know this won’t end well.

Here are some of the lowlights:

You can look up the statistics concerning the percentages of LGBT that are a product of abuse.

The Bible makes it clear to me that these things are an abomination and the reasons that oppression and repression are plaguing the LGBT community and those in direct contact(CITY RESIDENTS).

I strongly believe that suicides occurs when confusion is in control. I witnessed the results of living in an area where large amounts of LGBT reside.

I had to pull my kids out of these City Schools when my daughter repeatedly came home saying that 13 out of her 16 friends were lesbian or bisexual, and that she thought she may be Bisexual.

I have had enough!

No more promoting LGBT views onto our children!



Putting dollar signs in that last line may be the most unintentionally perfect depiction of Christians in politics.

AS for the rest of it, it’s not just bigotry. It’s hate speech. He’s spreading lies. He wrongly thinks his daughter is bisexual due to peer pressure — as if peer pressure dictates sexual orientation. He thinks politicians should take action based on his understanding of the Bible. And he thinks his Christianity is the only qualification he needs for the job.

It’s also possible he posted this diatribe to distract voters from the only other reason they might be familiar with him:

Rowbottom was arrested last year and charged with two misdemeanors — endangering the welfare of children and simple assault — and a felony count of strangulation (applying pressure to throat or neck).

He has previously pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol in 2002, possession of a controlled substance in 2005, driving while operating privilege is revoked in 2013, and public drunkenness and “voiding human excretion” — or, public urination or defecation — in 2018.

A 2015 charge of receiving stolen property led to Rowbottom being sentenced to 27 months in prison.

Just like Jesus, this guy…

Is he trying to make up for possibly defecating in public by reminding us he’s full of shit?

Whatever the case, here’s the good news, courtesy of the Metro Weekly: Rowbottom is unlikely to become mayor. The Democrat in office right now, Eric Papenfuse, “was elected in 2017 with almost 90% of the vote.”

But the fact that a Republican candidate could say all this hateful garbage without every other member of his party denouncing him should be a sign that the entire party is this despicable and none of them deserve your vote.

(Image via Facebook)

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