Christian Leader Will Host Rally to Condemn LGBTQ People “Destroying” America April 28, 2021

Christian Leader Will Host Rally to Condemn LGBTQ People “Destroying” America

Ken Harrison, leader of the “Promise Keepers,” a Christian Nationalist group for men, is organizing a rally this summer. But the focus will not be on Jesus. It’ll be on combatting the LGBTQ agenda that’s apparently going to “destroy” the American identity.

He explained all of this to Steve Bannon during a recent interview:

One of the things they’re doing to make their agenda happen is they’re destroying the identity of the American people. And if they can get Christians — especially Christian men — to sit down, be silent and be passive, then they can be effective, and it’s working.

I mean, Christian men are not standing up for what’s right. I mean, you think about how quickly we went from homosexual marriage to, now, men putting on dresses and being called women and playing on women’s basketball teams… Where are the Christian men?

The same people who routinely mock the WNBA want you to know they’re doing everything in their power to rescue women’s basketball. And the same people who have accumulated so much power over the past few decades want you to know they’re being silenced. And the same people currently attacking trans people want you to know they still haven’t figured out how to deal with same-sex marriage.

(By the way, being transgender and cross-dressing are not the same thing. His bigotry, like all bigotry, is rooted in ignorance.)

And besides that, even if Christian men were to stop being “silent” and “passive” — which they aren’t — how would that stop anyone from being gay or trans?

Even Christians who more or less share Harrison’s theology about LGBTQ people should be concerned by the way he conflates salvation with the culture wars. This is what Christian Nationalism is: It’s not about Christianity, Jesus, or building any kind of “kingdom” on Earth. It’s not about patriotism; just ask those who rioted at the Capitol in January. It’s about maintaining a system that oppresses certain minorities who don’t look, act, or think like Harrison. It should be condemned by decent Christians everywhere.

There’s no American “identity” worth salvaging if it means perpetuating Harrison’s bigotry.

(Featured screenshot via YouTube)

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