Christian Conspiracist: I Blew My Shofar and It Fixed a Broken Bus April 26, 2021

Christian Conspiracist: I Blew My Shofar and It Fixed a Broken Bus

Pastor Johnny Enlow is already known for spreading conspiracy theories. He says Donald Trump is president in Heaven — as if that matters? — and that Trump is still in the White House… albeit as a puppeteer rather than in the Oval Office.

But sometimes, he just creates lies out of thin air.

During an appearance on the show Grace & Glory, Enlow claimed he was once in a Costa Rican bus that broke down before a big event. But he solved the problem in the most miraculous of ways!

We were in Costa Rica. We were — I was leading a team of about 40 people. We had rented a bus, like a school bus. It was pretty old, and we rented the driver with… He wasn’t a believer at the time. And we were headed to church, and we were coming around the corner… and we’re going up just a little bit. And all of a sudden, the bus went, bang, bang, boom. It just made the worst noises imaginable and it died… the key’s clicking and nothing’s going on. Then we see smoke come from the hood, and we’re 20 minutes away from the meeting I’m supposed to be preaching at…

So I said — I just — a moment there — because of what God’s done before. I said “Just a minute.”

So I go inside, and I tell, I say, “Somebody give me my shofar.” They bring my shofar. Again, we’re in the middle of the street. There are cars going by. And I go and I blow the shofar just one time. [Noise] on it. And I go, “Close the hood” to the chauffeur — again, he wasn’t a believer even! And he looks at me like… I said, “Just close it. Let’s go.” And so he shuts it. We get in the car, and he’s sitting down, and he’s… looking at me like I’m crazy.

I go, “Just start it.” And he does [vroom]… And he does with one time [VROOM] and it starts right up.

And he points, he goes, “Look!” At all the hair on his, you know, arms are standing up. He’s going, “How is that?” And I was like, “Well, that’s easy for God.” I said, “We need to get to church.”

So we drove to church. And needless to say, he got saved that trip.

But we didn’t want to look! I didn’t want to — I didn’t want to know what was under the hood! I don’t know if there’s an angel under there, you know… I do not know what happened under there. But I do know blowing the shofar.

Because who needs a mechanic when you have one of these:

(Also, who just carries around a shofar during a trip in case of emergencies…?)

In case you’re wondering, there was no video of the incident. No mechanic who can testify to the car working despite being broken (or if it was truly broken at all). Enlow has never gone to an auto shop with a shofar to replicate his miracle. There’s no way to verify his story.

As always, we’re just supposed to believe a miracle happened and Enlow won a bunch of converts that day. The hosts, of course, asked no follow-up questions.

(Bottom image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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